Mage Light

A glowing orb of light appears and obeys your mental commands.

Level 0, R1

Reagents: None

Casting Time: Move Action

Affinity: Flaer

Spellcraft DC: 5

You call into being an orb of light that sheds bright light in the square it occupies. The conjured light can be any color you wish. Creatures can pass through the orb’s square without penalty. You can snuff the light at any time as a free action, destroying the orb.


As a minor action, the caster may change the color of the light, cause it to cast dim light instead of bright light (or the reverse) within its square, or move to any square within range.


As a minor action, you may also order the orb to move into any square within 10 squares or to follow you, hovering a short distance from you in front of you over your head, over your shoulder, or anywhere else close to you.


The spell lasts a number of rounds equal to your Spellcraft check minus 5.


You may spend an hour casting this ritual to bind the resultant orb into an object such as a lantern or a torch. If you do so, the spell lasts a a full day for every five points by which you pass the check and you are able to snuff the light and rekindle it as a minor action without destroying the orb. You cannot make the light move when it its bound into an object.


Ritual Cost: 25gp

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