Suffocate – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S
[Array 1 – Vin]
You snatch the breath from your enemy and fight of their struggles to regain it.


One non-undead, construct or elemental target within 5 squares must succeed on a Fortitude save or immediately gain the asphyxiated condition and takes ongoing CHA modifier untyped damage (save ends).


The target may not automatically pass their Constitution check vs asphyxiation based on their CON modifier while under the effects of this spell.


When this spell ends, the target loses the asphyxiated condition imposed by the spell, but not any other versions of the condition from other sources.


At 9th level, the ongoing damage increases to 2[CHA] modifier untyped damage.


At 18th level, the ongoing damage increases to 4[CHA] modifier untyped damage

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