In the moments after the Ashing of the Green began, Sylph Reborn undertook a massive divine feat, reaching out and pulling as many of her people, the so-called Race of the Green to her realm on the moon Azelia. But powerful the act may have been, it was not universal. Scattered communities of fey and hengeyokai were left behind, but most numerous by far were the miare, who had served as emissaries and good-will ambassadors for the Sylvan country of the Great Green Expanse.


Over the course of a day, thousands of miare suddenly became a people without a country, without purpose, and in the roiling tensions following the Ashing, without allies.


Viewed with suspicion in the light that no one knew what caused the cataclysmic event and with no political or economic support, miare diplomats, guards, caravaneers, and other staff were forced to take any work they could find. In order to belie the mounting hatred and bigotry directed toward them, they assumed subservient and power negative roles in order to earn their place into society.


The common perception of miare is that they appear to be humanoid cats. However, their actual physiology is more complicated.


A miare’s head superficially resembles that of a feline, though the lower jaw and lips are more human. Their front teeth are sharp like those of a feline as well, though they also possess the crushing and grinding molars of a primate. While they have whiskers, they are not the sensor organs of a cat.


Game Statistics


Size: Medium
Base Speed: 8 squares
Languages: Common and choose one of: Elven or Sylvan

Senses: Miare have Low Light vision 24 squares and have the Keen Sense of Smell feat.


Cat’s Claws

Miare have sharp claws (1d6 slashing 19-20×2) as a natural weapon.


Hidden Strength

Despite their lithe appearance, miare musculature is inherently powerful. Miare gain a +1 species bonus to STR-based checks.


Prehensile Tail

Miare have a prehensile tail, which can be used as an extra hand for carrying items including lanterns and shields as well as performing simple manipulation. Dex-based checks and attack rolls made using the tail suffer a -4 penalty. The prehensile tail is not coordinated enough to count as an extra limb for the purposes of Multi-Weapon Fighting.


Agility Burst

Miare gain the Agility Burst ability:

Agility Burst – Minor – Encounter

You gain a +5 species bonus on Dex-based skill checks and Reflex saves until the start of your next turn. While under this effect, if you roll a natural 1 on a Dex-based skill check, it is considered a natural 2 instead.


Miare Backgrounds

Claw Mastery [Background, Miare]

Most people would never know it, but miare in the Great Green Expanse were some of the deadliest hunters—and they did so with their bare claws.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • Gain Proficiency with Unarmed Strikes

  • Your claws become (1d8 slashing 19-20 x2) and gain the Light Blade and Unarmed keywords

  • +2 species bonus to CMB to Grab and Grapple

  • You gain the Red Claw ability:

Red Claw – Reaction – 2FP

As a Reaction triggered by hitting with an attack with a Claw attack, the target of the attack takes ongoing bleeding damage equal to your DEX or STR modifier. A Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + ½ level + DEX or STR modifier) ends this condition.


Household Imagica [Background, Miare]

In keeping with their domestic image, miare tend to specialize in spells that help them be handy around the house, shop or office.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • Gain Vox Affinity as a bonus feat

  • Gain move object as a bonus spell

  • +1 species bonus to the DC of Vox spells

  • +2 squares to the range of Vox spells


Manipulate the Stereotype [Background, Miare]

Since the Ashing of the Green, the view of miare as passive social doormats has become so pervasive, that it is no wonder many miare have learned to use that to their advantage.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • +2 species bonus to Misdirection and Insight checks

  • When making knowledge checks to learn private details about a public or powerful individual, roll twice and take the better result

  • Whenever you successfully haggle, you raise or reduce the end price by 10%.

  • You gain the Play with Expectations ability:

Play with Expectations – Standard Action2FP

Choose one non-miare creature that can understand you. You add 1d6 to all CHA-based rolls to interact with that creature until the start of your next turn.


Miare Exclusive Feats

Clawed Climber [Miare]

While their ancestors once lived in the trees, modern mirae are only now rediscovering the joy of climbing.

Benefit: You gain a climb speed of 6.


Prowl [Miare]

Whether stalking the land or blending into the background, silence has long been an ally to the miare.

Benefit: You ignore all penalties to Stealth up to a maximum of your DEX or WIS modifier including penalties from armor, terrain and lighting.


Cat’s Grace [Miare]

With training, the natural agility of the miare becomes something as if out of legend.

Benefit: Your Agility Burst ability recharges whenever you spend a Vitality or Action point.


Manner and Poise [Miare]

Please beg my pardon; I meant no offense. Let us speak on other topics less offensive to us both.”

Benefit: You gain the Manner and Poise ability:

Manner and Poise – Reaction – Encounter

As a Reaction triggered by automatically failing in a Social Challenge, you cancel that failure as if you never caused it.


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