Contrary to popular beliefs held even by some modern lasconti, they and other hengeyokai are not creations of Sylph. Rather, they populated the Green Moon Gracelia long before the goddess originally found that world, being the progeny of whatever Creator gave rise to the moon itself or the fae who also populated it.

Hengeyokai collectively refers to a group of peoples who are animals granted the power to transform into bestial humanoid forms. Lasconti specifically are spiders who, though centuries of training and magical refinement, eventually achieved a third, more humanoid form that allowed them to more easily mingle with the peoples of Ere once Sylph moved Gracelia into the planar space near Ere.

The prospect of a new world to explore and experience and new cultures to visit attracted many hengeyokai to Ere, the lasconti most of all, who migrated in large numbers, settling permanently.

Lasconti are natural shapeshifters with three natural forms. Unlike most shapeshifters, lasconti and other hengeyokai do not have a ‘default’ form an any effect that would cause them to return to their default form fails.

In spider form, they resemble large spiders with markings and body shape being hereditary, usually closely matching mundane species of spiders.

Their second form is the one most lasconti spend the majority of their time in; a humanoid form that heavily resembles a human or elf with pale, gray skin and slightly pointed ears that do not extend from the sides of the head as elf or half-elven ears do. Their bodies are covered with sparse, stiff hairs that are actually sensory organs that allow lasconti to sense changes in air pressure and other environmental changes resulting in excellent reflexes. Attempting to shave or cut these hairs results in severe pain.

In their humanoid form, lasconti stand between four and a half to six feet tall, with features that are more thin and delicate-looking than humans with longer, more slender fingers and toes. Their hair is invariably black and rarely grows longer than a few inches.

Finally is the so-called almaga form, a physically imposing fusion of humanoid and spider. In this form, the lasconti stands one to two feet taller with visibly more muscle mass and chitinous plates covered in stiff hairs all over their bodies. Their head is entirely spider-like replete with mandibles and segmented eyes crowned with six additional eyes above them.

Most dramatically, the almaga form sports two additional, fully formed arms just below the existing humanoid set.

In all their forms, lasconti have a set of spinnerets in their forearms capable of generating silk. With proper diet and technique this silk can be produced at high quality.

A lasconti reaches maturity around twenty years of age and have been know to live an average of ninety year barring illness or violence.

While fully omnivorous, lasconti tend toward a more carnivorous diet, eschewing most other flavors for savory if given a choice. That aside, picky eaters are rare among lasconti, who are often adventurous gourmands.

Game Statistics

Size: Medium
Base Speed: 6 squares
Languages: Common and Sylvan

Senses: Lasconti have Low Light vision 12 squares


Hengeyokai Heritage

Lasconti have the [Shapechanger] keyword


Spider Reflexes

Lasconti have a +2 species bonus to Initiative and Reflex saves



Lasconti have the ability to generate spider-silk rope from spinnerets located in the wrist joint of any of their arms while in base or almaga form. They gain the webspinner ability:

Webspinner – Move Action or Full Round Action – Daily Charges: 5 + CON Bonus

You create 10ft worth of spider silk rope. If used as a move action, you may expend as many charges are you would like, producing 10ft worth of rope per expended charge.

Because this web is produced hastily, it grows brittle and disintegrates within a number of hours equal to 1 + CON modifier (minimum 1 hour) and is recognizable as poor quality by any character Trained in Mercantile or with an appropriate Expertise.


Lasconti Spider Form

Lasconti can assume the form of a single unique spider. They gain the lasconti spider form ability:

Lasconti Spider Form – Full Round Action – 3SP

You shift into the form of a Diminutive spider. This form is the same form every time they take it and is unique to each lasconti. In spider form, you are impossible to distinguish from a natural spider except with a Knowledge: Nature check opposed to the lasconti’s own.

When you take this form, you shrink out of or lose your grip on your equipment, dropping it in your square and you have no hands to manipulate besides your own webs. While in this form, you cannot speak or cast spells that require Verbal or Somatic components.

Taking spider form provokes an attack of opportunity. Returning to base form is a Minor Action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

This is a Shapechanging effect.

In spider form, you gain the following:

  • Gain a Climb speed of 6

  • Darkvision 6 squares

  • +5 size bonus to Stealth

  • Cannot make attack rolls.

  • STR is considered 10 points lower (minimum 1) for the purpose of lifting, carrying or dragging.


Lasconti Almaga Form

As hengeyokai, lasconti can shift into a form that blends humanoid and spider traits. They gain the lasconti almaga form ability.

Lasconti Almaga Form – Full Round Action – 3SP

You transform into a humanoid spider with six arms, mandibles and a dark carapace. This form is the same form every time they take it and is unique to each lasconti.

Taking almaga form provokes an attack of opportunity. Returning to base form is a Minor Action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

In almaga form you gain the following:

  • Gain a Climb speed of 6

  • +5 species bonus to Intimidate

  • Bite attack (1d6 piercing x3)

  • 4 additional limbs capable of wielding weapons, using items and casting spells with somatic components.


Lasconti Backgrounds

Highwayman Inspiration [Background, Lasconti]

You have devoted your training to live up to the famed lasconti highwaymen of dime novels and legends.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • Gain Proficiency with Small Arms and Long Blades

  • Gain Two-Weapon Combat as a bonus feat

  • +1 species bonus to attack and damage rolls while wielding a Long Blade in one hand and a Small Arm in the other

  • +2 per tier precision damage vs enemies who have not moved since the end of your last turn

  • +2 species bonus to CMB to Feint or Steal


Empathic Spellwork [Background, Lasconti]

The cosmopolitan upbringing of the lasconti sometimes leads to an intimate understanding of how a wide range of sentient beings think.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • Gain Psi Affinity as a bonus feat

  • Gain rapid mindscan as a bonus spell

  • +1 species bonus to the DC of Psi spells

  • +2 species bonus to Will saves vs Mind-Effecting spells and effects.


Lasconti Exclusive Feats

Arachnid Empathy [Lasconti]

You’ve taken an interest in your kin and thus understand their nature and moods.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • +5 species bonus to Beast Mastery and Knowledge (Nature) checks regarding spiders

  • +2 species bonus to CHA-based rolls when interacting with intelligent spiders.

  • You are able to give orders to spiders with an attitude of friendly or better toward you as if they were an animal companion.


Master Weaver [Lasconti]

Experimenting with your webs has given you a special understanding of thread and weaving.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • +5 species bonus to Mercantile and Expertise rolls regarding cloth items.

  • Silk ropes you create with your Webspinner racial ability do not degrade or disintegrate.

  • You refine your own silk as raw material for crafting. It takes 4 hours to refine 1 charge of you Webspinner ability’s silk you produce into 20gp worth of silk cloth or related crafting material.


Improved Natural Shapechange [Lasconti]

With practice and meditation techniques, you have established greater understanding and thus greater control over your shapechanging.

Benefit: Your Lasconti Spider Form and Almaga Form abilities take a Standard Action to use instead of a Full Round Action.


Lasconti Wrestler [Lasconti]

With six arms to bring to bear, lasconti have a clear advantage in a contest of grapples.

Benefit: You only gain the following benefits:

  • You only need two arms to maintain a grapple.

  • You may choose to use additional arms to grapple. For each arm you use above two, you gain a +1 species bonus to CMB and CMD to grapple or escape a grapple.

  • You may use any weapon you can wield to attack an enemy you are grappling or that has you grappled.

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