Leveling Up


When leveling up, consult the table for your character’s class for new Class Abilities for your new level, increase your personal hit points and assign new skill points based on your class, then adjust any level-based calculations on your character sheet such as Saving Throws, AC and Spell DCs. Some feats and items grant new or expanded abilities based on level as well.


All characters also gain feats, bonuses to their ability scores and Expertise points based on your level from their respective class table.


Starting Characters Above 1st Level

There will be times when the DM allows characters to be created above 1st level (i.e. New characters entering an existing campaign, or campaigns that start at a higher level.) In such cases, start building the character at level 1 and level them up to the desired level.


Characters above 1st level purchase equipment with wealth based on their starting level. They are able to purchase Superior items and Rituals with this wealth, but cannot purchase Feat or Spell Training rewards.



LevelWealth by Level

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