Knowledge (Int)

Knowledge represents a character’s grasp of both intellectual and practical information in a variety of areas, each represented by individual skills:

  • Arcana

  • Dungeoneering

  • Engineering

  • Geography

  • History

  • Local

  • Nature

  • Politics

  • Planes

  • Religion

  • Sciences

  • Streetwise.


Awareness of a given piece of information on a given subject is a Knowledge check with a difficulty based on how well known it is.


The Base DC for common knowledge is DC 5, Knowledge that requires a basic education is DC 15. Knowledge that requires a specialized education is DC 25. The DM sets the DC for more exotic or rare knowledge and may require the usage of a specific resource such as a book, college or library to learn them.


Using the Knowledge skill in combat is a minor action.


An Untrained character cannot learn information with a DC higher than 15.



Local Knowledge checks are not as straightforward as the others. It provides information on current and historical events in a given populated location even if they would ordinarily be covered by another check. For example one can use Knowledge: Local to learn about the local politics, history, architecture, and even recent breakthroughs in arcana and a the sciences originating from that town or city.


Knowledge: Local can only be used in regard to place that is currently populated by sentient beings.

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