Insight (Int)

Insight skill represents observation and intuition paired with logic to draw rational conclusions. It is used to uncover hidden truths and draw conclusions based on the nature of sentient beings such as where things would logically be stored or how they would be concealed.


There are three special usages of the insight skill:


Discern Motives

You can read the body language and inflections in another as well as analyze their logic to catch them in lies or detect ulterior motives over the course of a conversation or correspondence.


Make an Insight roll opposed by the target’s Misdirection or Persuasion. The degree of success determines the information you glean:


Success By…Information
Fail by 15+Every lie is seen as true, every truth is seen a lies.
Fail by 10+Key lies are seen as true or true elements are misinterpreted.
Fail by 1+Cannot Read
Success by 5 or lessAn ulterior motive does or does not exist /subject is lying or not.
Success by 10 pr lessKnow the subject being lied about or that the ulterior motive regards.
Success by 15 or lessDiscover one true fact being lied about or that is being concealed.
Success by 16+Discover the full truth behind the lie or the full ulterior motive.

You may make additional Insight rolls regarding individual statements as opposed to entire conversations.



You may spend a full minute observing a creature to make an Insight check DC (15 + target’s level + CHA or WIS modifier) or opposed by the target’s Misdirection. A success means you learn the target’s mood, current general behavior and any other relevant information. You gain a bonus equal to your INT modifier to your next attack roll or CHA-based skill check against that creature.



You may search a single square for hidden objects as a full round action for a room or section of a room up to 5×5 squares in area in five minutes. The Base DC for the check is 15 or the Misdirection or Legerdemain check for the character that concealed the object originally.

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