It is a documented fact that humans are cross-fertile with almost every humanoid species on Ere. While there are many theories about how this trait came to be, there is one unassailable fact: the most successful result of cross-species intermingling is the half-elf. So successful and prolific is this lineage that they are verifiable as an independent species of their own, said to have recently surpassed, or being slated to surpass humans as the most populace intelligent species on Ere in recent years.


The combination of human and elven genetics has resulted in a happy medium between the two with a number of unique traits resultant in the union.


Half elves average between five and six feet tall with high variation at the extremes much like humans with more human-like proportion to their limbs than elven. While they retain similar bone and muscle density to their elven parents, their body types vary more due to their greater potential to store fat.


Game Statistics

Size: Medium
Base Speed: 6 squares
Languages: Common and Elven

Senses: Half-elves have Low-light vision 12 squares


Blend or Worlds

Half-Elves can take species exclusive feats for both Humans and Elves.


Varied Build

Choose one of the following:

Mighty: You gain a +1 species bonus on all STR-based skill rolls and your STR score is considered to be two points higher for the purpose of determining what you can carry, lift or drag.

Robust: You gain +2 hit points and an additional +1 hit points per level.

Stocky: You gain a +1 species bonus to Fortitude saves and +2 species bonus to CMB and CMD.

Lithe: You gain a +1 species bonus to Reflex saves, a +1 dodge bonus to AC, and a +1 species bonus on all DEX-based skill rolls.

Exceedingly Average: You gain a +4 species bonus to Disguise checks and a +2 species bonus to Stealth and Misdirection checks made to hide in a crowd or prevent someone from recalling your description.

Athletic: You gain the Enhanced Endurance and Fleetness of Foot feats.


Improvisational Knack

Half-Elven psyches combine that adaptive flexibility of humans with the heightened awareness of elves, allowing them to take optimal advantage of every situation. They gain the Improvisational Knack ability:

Improvisational Knack – Minor Action – Encounter

You recharge one Encounter ability not granted by an item.


Twitch Reflexes

The union of human and elf has yielded a brain chemistry with a greater reaction time than either progenitor. They gain an additional Reaction each turn.


Half-Elf Backgrounds

Gunfighter [Background, Half-Elf]

Ranged combat with small arms is an ideal companion to keen senses and excellent coordination.

Benefit: You gain the following:

  • Proficiency with Small Arms and Advanced Proficiency with one type of Small Arm of your choice.
  • You may draw or holster a Small Arm as a free action.
  • Firing a Small Arm does not provoke an attack of opportunity.
  • Reloading a Small Arm takes one action step shorter (Standard > Move; Move > Minor; Minor > Free).
  • +2 species bonus to damage rolls with Small Arms vs targets that grant you combat advantage.


Spell Sniper [Background, Half-Elf]

Many half-elven mystic combat traditions focus on directed energies to deliver damage and disability.

Benefit: You gain the following:

  • Rays and Beams you cast have their range extended by +2 squares.
  • +1 species bonus to DCs of Rays and Beams.
  • +2 deflection bonus to Reflex saves and AC vs Rays and Beams.
  • You gain Homing Spell as a spell known.


Half-Elf Exclusive Feats

Danger Sense [Half-Elf]

A combination of heightened senses and incredible reflexes allow you to anticipate and react to danger faster than others.

Benefit: Whenever you roll initiative, you may replace the result with one equal to 10 + your initiative bonus.


Counterstrike [Half Elf]

Training your impressive reflexes allows you to intercept and counter incoming attacks against what opponents thought were openings.

Benefit: You gain the Counterstrike ability:

Counter Strike – Reaction – 3FP

As a reaction triggered by you being targeted by an attack of opportunity, you may make a Simple Strike against the triggering attacker.


Improved Counterstrike [Half Elf]

You have become fast enough to completely close off possible openings with decisive strikes.

Benefit: If you hit with the Simple Strike triggered by your Counterstrike ability, the triggering attack of opportunity automatically misses.

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