Category: Class Features

Combatant Techniques

Below is a list of techniques available to Combatants: Bob and Weave Bring Them Down Combat Coordination Deadly Arc Flurry of Blows Get Over Here I Never Miss Pour on the Pressure Rallying Assault Rapid Reload Regroup Spinning Cane Supporting Fire Surgical Strike Trick Loading Wrangle                

Rogue Tactics

Agile Fighting Style Choose a weapon category. Light weapons of that category gain the Finesse keyword while you are wielding them. This Tactic can be taken multiple times. Each time, it applies to a different weapon category.   Bloodletter Prerequisite: Sneak Attack +1d6 Whenever the rogue deals precision damage, they may voluntarily reduce their bonus […]

Bard Knacks

Performer   Instrumentalist [Performer Knack] You may play a musical instrument to supply the verbal component of spells you cast.   Add the enhancement bonus of the instrument to damage dealt by spells cast in this way.     Enduring Performance [Performer Knack] Prerequisite: Instrumentalist   Spells with a Concentration Duration you cast using the […]