Tag: weapon qualities


  This weapon trembles with power—power to crush, to pound, to shake the earth.   Base: Once per turn on a successful hit, the square the target is standing in becomes difficult terrain until the start of your next turn. If the target attempts to leave the square before then, they must succeed on a […]


  A burst of force explodes from this weapon on impact.   Base: On a successful hit, this weapon does bonus sonic damage equal to 2 + Superiority bonus. Whenever you Push a target with an attack using this weapon, push it an additional 1 square.   Superiority +1: Whenever you score a critical hit […]

Air Cutting

  A simple swing of this weapon sends out a razor of wind that tears into the target at a distance.   Base: As a Basic Strike, you may make a ranged attack with this weapon with a range increment of 2 (maximum 10). On a hit, it deals WD plus bonus damage equal to […]