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Smite the Wicked

Smite the Wicked [Cleric] The power of your god banes your enemies.   Prerequisite: Templar   Benefit: As part of any attack before you make the attack roll, you may expend one usage of Channel Faith. If you do, all damage that attack deals is divine and you add twice your WIS modifier to that […]


Templar [Cleric] You are part of the martial arm of your religion, trained to do battle in the name of your god.   Benefit: You gain proficiency and Advanced Proficiency (if applicable) in your god’s favored weapons, chain armor, scale armor and all shields.   While wielding one of your god’s favored weapons, you deal […]

Priestly Sage

Priestly Sage [Cleric] Divine guidance and inspiration aids your recollection and understanding.   Benefit: You add your WIS modifier to knowledge rolls and all knowledge rolls you make are considered Trained  

Fanatical Focus

Fanatical Focus [Cleric]   By the combined will of you and your god, you ignore distraction for the good of your cause.   Prerequisite: Devout Soul   Benefit: As a reaction triggered by any effect that would force you to make a Concentration check, you may expend one of your uses of Channel Faith to […]

Devout Soul

Devout Soul [Cleric]   You have focused on your spiritual connection to your god, making you an especially efficient conduit for their will.   Benefit: You may use your WIS modifier in place of your CHA modifier for Prayer effects that use your CHA modifier (for damage, duration, etc).   You also gain additional uses […]