Often constructed of light wood plated with tarnished silver, these bucklers are inscribed with the entirety of one of a number of stories of self-sacrifice and courage. Wearing one fills a person with feelings of warmth and oneness toward those they care for.


Base: This item adds one half Superiority bonus (rounded up) to AC and Reflex saves and grants DR 2 + twice Superiority bonus vs damage dealt by this item.


Whenever an ally within 5 + Superiority bonus squares takes damage, you may spend 1 SP to take half that damage. This damage is considered to be dealt by this item.


Superiority +1: Whenever you spend an Action Point, the DR granted by this item is doubled for the rest of the encounter.


Superiority +3: Whenever you take a short rest, you gain temporary hit points equal to five times Superiority bonus.


Once per encounter, you may prevent all damage dealt by this item.


Shield Type: Any



(Superiority +1)^2 x 250gp x2

Superiority Bonus

Creation Cost













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