Hunter’s Garb


Patched together in greens and browns and covered with vines, twigs, moss and mud, this armor is perfect for stalking quarry and moving through natural terrain.


Base: This item’s armor bonus is increased by its Superiority bonus it adds one plus twice its Superiority bonus to Stealth checks made in natural environments.


The wearer ignores difficult terrain from plants and natural weather effects.


Superiority +1: Once per encounter, you may cause an attack that hits an enemy that is unaware of you to be an automatic critical hit.


Superiority +3: As a minor action, you may designate an enemy of your level or lower as your quarry. You gain an item bonus to damage rolls against your quarry equal to twice Superiority bonus. You may not choose a new quarry until the current one if defeated or has fled.


Armor Type: Cloth, Leather



(Superiority +1)^2 x 250gp x2

Superiority Bonus

Creation Cost













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