Ferif Affinity

Ferif Affinity [Mage, Affinity]

By nature or training, you are naturally attuned with the energy of metal, ferif. Rigid in resolve, cutting in action.


Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • +5 feat bonus to Spellcraft checks to cast Ferif rituals.

  • +1 feat bonus to the DC of any Ferif spell you cast.

  • You can draw any metallic object weighing 5lbs or less within 2 squares to your hand as a Minor Action.

  • Resist 5 vs damage from metallic weapons.

  • You gain the Metal Detection ability:

Metal Detection – Minor Action – Recharge d6
Magical – Ferif

You become aware of the location and general size of all metallic objects within 5 squares until the start of your next turn. This allows you to target the squares such metal is in.



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