Disguise (Cha)

The Disguise skill represent a character’s ability to alter their appearance and voice as well as affect new mannerisms in order to convince others that they are someone other than themselves. A Disguise check is usually opposed to an observer’s Perception check.


There are two special usages of the Disguise skill:



Blending allows a character to pass muster as someone who belongs in a given place either by dress or mannerism. It also allows a character to quickly ‘disappear’ in a crowd.


The roll to Blend into an area you do not belong is opposed by the Passive Perception of passers by or an opposed Perception roll made by creatures actively looking for people out of place.


This roll is modified by how exclusive or exotic the area is as per the following table:


Location FeaturesDisguise Modifier
Cosmopolitan Population-5
Majority Population is your species-5
Majority population is a different species+10
Restricted Entry+5
Exclusive Membership+10
Has Dress Code+10
Requires Uniform+15

The penalty for a location that has a dress code or requires uniforms can be negated by wearing the appropriate clothing or creating a reasonable facsimile with the Persona usage of the Disguise skill.

Blending into an area is a free action.


The Persona usage of the Disguise skill allows you to alter your appearance and mannerisms so as to appear as a person other than yourself. This requires a Disguise check opposed by the Passive Perception of an observer or an opposed Perception roll of creatures who have reason to suspect you are not who you say you are, or on the look out for those attempting to disguise themselves.

This roll is modified by both the variance between yourself and the new persona and the how well the observer knows you or the person being impersonated as per the following table:

CircumstanceDisguise Modifier
Minor changes+5
Persona is a different gender-2
Persona is a different species-5
Persona is a different size (max 1 size larger or smaller)-10
Persona is 10 or more years older or younger-2 per 10 years
Persona is an existing person or figure-15
Observer knows you or target casually-2
Observer sees you or target daily-5
Observer is a close friend or family to you or target-10
Observer is intimately familiar with you or target-20

Taking on a Persona takes 1 hour.

Only characters Trained in Disguise can succeed on Persona attempts with a DC 20 or higher. Any result of 20 or higher by an untrained character is reduced to 20.

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