Action Points

Where hit points represent the ability of a character to survive and keep fighting, and fatigue points represent a character’s capability when it comes to pulling off complex and involved maneuvers, Action Points represent a confluence of luck, opportunity, and maybe a burst of adrenaline that allow characters to pull off amazing feats they normally wouldn’t be able to.


Gaining Action Points

Every character starts the game with a single Action Point. Through feats, spells, items and optional rules, they may gain additional points. The first time a character takes a long rest in a 24 hour period, if they have zero Action Points, they gain 1 Action Point. If they have more than 3 Action Points, they are reduced to 3.


The DM is encouraged to award action points for entertaining or interesting roleplaying choices or other actions beneficial to the group’s play experience.


At the end of each session, at the DM’s option, they are encouraged to hold a discussion among players to vote for Best Actor and Most Valuable player. To keep things interesting, a good rule of thumb is that no player can win both awards in a single session, nor can they win the same award two sessions in a row. Players thus awarded gain 1 Action Point.


At any time and for any reason, a player may gift their action point to any other character (even NPCS) provided that character has no Action Points.


Spending Action Points

Using an Action Point is a free action that can be performed once per encounter. Once the Action Point is spent, the character gains one of the following benefits:


  • Gain an extra Standard Action.

  • Re-roll any roll that character just rolled.

  • Gain a +5 to the next roll before it is rolled.

  • If you are dying, you become stable at 0 hit points.

  • Get a hint from the DM in regards to puzzles and riddles.

Some feats, spells and items may grant additional effects for spending Action Points or provide other benefits whenever an Action Point is spent.


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