Setting Features

  • A time period loosely comparable to the 1860’s with trappings of the Wild West, Victorian Times, and the Age of Adventure.

  • A High Magic, Steampunk-inspired world where magic is science and the blending of the metaphysical with the physical is a running theme.

  • A variety of enemy factions ranging from forgotten armies turned bandits and mad scientists, to dangerous and cunning feral monsters, to entire nations of fanatics and encroaching enemies from beyond (or on) the moons.

  • Opportunities abound for enterprising PCs to shape the future of the world, from securing the first railroads, ending feuds between Novish kingdoms, exploring and settling lost realms, or even founding their own enterprises.

  • Canon elements to support every kind of story ranging from epic good-vs-evil battles to claustrophobic whodunit mysteries, comedic one-shots, and hack-and-slash dungeon crawls.

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