Raise Earthen Pillar

Raise Earthen Pillar – Standard Action or Reaction – 3SP – V,S
[Array 1 – Ere-a, Ground-based]
A pillar of earth or stone erupts from the ground, tossing aside foes or blocking attacks.

You call up a pillar of stone or earth from the ground in one square within 5 squares , making that square into blocking terrain. Such pillars have 20 + level HP and have a Rigid Hardness of 5.

If cast as a standard action, you may target an occupied square. All creatures occupying that square may succeed on a Reflex save to leap off into an adjacent square of their choice. Failure indicates they fall off, landing prone in a square of the caster’s choice. If the square is occupied by an ally, you may raise the pillar slowly, allowing them to remain atop the pillar to no ill effect instead.

When cast as a standard action, you may raise an additional pillar per 4 levels.

If cast as a reaction, you may target only unoccupied squares. The raised pillar blocks both line of sight and line of effect. Any attack or effect that can no longer validly target one or more of its targets due to the presence of the pillar targets the pillar instead. If a line effect deals enough damage to destroy the pillar, it does so, then continues on as if the pillar wasn’t there.

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