Dead Swarm

Dead Swarm – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S

[Array 1 – Nekras, Reanimation]

Every dead insect in the area is reanimated to attack and harry any they come into contact with.


This spell reanimates a swarm of undead insects into a 1 cube centered on the target square anywhere within 10 squares, even in open air. Each round, as a move-equivalent action, you may move the cube up to a number of squares equal to your CHA modifier within the range of the spell including spaces in the open air.


Creatures that move into, start their turn within the cylinder, or have the cylinder move into their square take 1 piercing damage per level and must succeed on a Fortitude save or become distracted until the start of their next turn.


The swarm remains as long as the caster is able to concentrate on it.


At 9th level, you may animate a swarm that fills an area 2 cubes tall, and 2 squares to a side.


At 18th level, you may animate a swarm that fills an area 3 cubes tall, 3 squares to a side.

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