Beast Mastery

Beast Mastery (Wis)

Beast Mastery represents a character’s ability to interact with animals and other unintelligent monsters.


As a Minor Action, characters may attempt a Beast Mastery roll DC 10 + ½ creature’s level + creature’s WIS modifier to convince such a creature to not flee in the face of danger, or take a Move Action through squares it does not want to enter.


Characters Trained in Beast Mastery may use this skill to improve their Relationships with animals and other unintelligent (but not Mindless) monsters as if it were the Persuasion or Intimidate skills. Creatures made Devoted by such a check may become a pet, but will still shy away from combat, unlike an Animal Companion.


There is an additional special usage of this skill as follows:


Beast Empathy

Characters Trained in Beast Mastery gain the Beast Empathy ability:


Beast Empathy – Move Action

A character can use Beast Empathy to understand and be understood by beasts on a basic level. Characters can read the creature’s mood, basic wants, things that concern or bother them and habits but gather no explicit detail (eg, they can tell if a beast is agitated because someone disturbed their nest recently, but not exactly how long ago or what that person was wearing). They can in turn relay the same level information to the creature.

The DC for doing so is 15 + ½ the creature’s level modified by the creature’s Reaction modifier toward you.

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