Acrobatics (Dex)

The acrobatics skill represents feats of agility and flexibility including but not limited to keeping one’s balance, jump, roll, flip and contort one’s body. Certain types of terrain and hazards require Acrobatics checks to traverse while the use of acrobatics checks can help a user move more easily.


There are several specialized uses of the Acrobatics skill as follows:



Jumping is the ability to traverse terrain by propelling oneself through the air against gravity in short bursts.


Creatures with a movement speed are able to Jump as a Move action.


In order to jump, a you must perform a run-up by moving at least 2 squares (+1 for each size category above Medium, -1 for each size category below Small) and make an Acrobatics check DC 10. On a success, you Fly up to 2 squares in a straight line. This movement must end on a solid surface. Rising more than one square during a jump costs 3 squares of movement.


Creatures can perform a jump without a run-up by taking a -10 penalty to the check.


If you are Trained in Acrobatics and exceed the DC of the check by 5 or more, you can Fly a number of squares equal to 1 per 5 points by which you beat the DC instead of 2.


Failure of the Acrobatics check means you are not able to Fly extra distance. If you attempted to jump across a gap, failure means you must make an edge save or fall. Critical failure means you fall.


If you choose to jump downward, your flying movement does not count toward the distance you fall.


Jump check results made by characters Untrained in Acrobatics that are 21 or higher are reduced to 20.



All characters are able to use the Tumble ability:

Tumble-by – Move Action

Move up to half your base move speed and make an Acrobatics check opposed by the Insight checks of all enemies whose threatened squares you pass through. If you succeed on the opposed roll, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity from moving through that creature’s threatened squares.

Changing direction while tumbling costs 2 squares of Tumbling movement.

Tumble-by check results made by characters Untrained in Acrobatics that are 21 or higher are reduced to 20.

Tumbling can be used as part of a Move Action. The maximum total movement used in a round is still limited by its highest movement speed.

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