Welcome to Ere

Ere was meant to be a sanctuary. An ark to shelter and protect the survivors of dead and dying worlds.

Soon, the gods would learn that it was not as uninhabited as they believed.

When they appointed the dragons to be the guardians and shepherds of the mortal races, they underestimated the greed and ambition of the mighty wyrms. This drive unleashed a new curse upon the world: spirit beasts whose raw power could rival the most ancient dragon.

And when in shame for what they wrought, the god stepped back from the world, it stoked fires of bitterness and pride in the hailene peoples who plunged the world into a war that sparked a half-millennium dark age of conflict, unrest and division.

Now with the signing of the Thirteen Nations Accords, beachheads of stability are appearing from isolated farmsteads sheltering behind walls of living wood to great cities awash in industry. Take up arms with blade and bow, learn intricate spellwork, live by your skill and guile, or embrace the way of steam and gunpowder in order to usher in a new golden age of peace, progress and prosperity—or crush it in your iron grasp.

Welcome to a new realm of fantasy, action and intrigue. Welcome to the World of Ere.