Category: Skills


Knowledge (Int) Knowledge represents a character’s grasp of both intellectual and practical information in a variety of areas, each represented by individual skills: Arcana Dungeoneering Engineering Geography History Local Nature Politics Planes Religion Sciences Streetwise.   Awareness of a given piece of information on a given subject is a Knowledge check with a difficulty based […]


Intimidate (CHA or STR) Intimidation is the ability to control the actions of others by instilling fear as well as convince others that you are willing and capable of of carrying out threats you make.   Intimidate can be used to get others to do what you want them to in the same way as […]


Insight (Int) Insight skill represents observation and intuition paired with logic to draw rational conclusions. It is used to uncover hidden truths and draw conclusions based on the nature of sentient beings such as where things would logically be stored or how they would be concealed.   There are three special usages of the insight […]


Heal (Wis) The heal skill represents a character’s knowledge of how to diagnose and treat wounds and ailments by mundane means.   There are four special usages of the Heal skill:   Assess Malady Any character may observe an injury or symptoms using the Heal skill. A DC 10 check performed on an adjacent, willing […]


Fly (Dex) The fly skill represents a character’s ability to perform maneuvers while flying under their own power or while using a magical means to do so.   Using the Fly skill, a flying character can perform the following maneuvers:   Sharp Turn A flying character can change their direction by moving in a non-diagonal […]


Disguise (Cha) The Disguise skill represent a character’s ability to alter their appearance and voice as well as affect new mannerisms in order to convince others that they are someone other than themselves. A Disguise check is usually opposed to an observer’s Perception check.   There are two special usages of the Disguise skill:   […]


Concentration (Wis) Concentration represents a character’s ability to focus on a given task for an extended period or during times of stress or distraction.   The most common usage of this skill is maintaining spells that have a duration of Concentration.   Normally, Concentrating on a spell is a Minor Action and the DC to […]

Beast Mastery

Beast Mastery (Wis) Beast Mastery represents a character’s ability to interact with animals and other unintelligent monsters.   As a Minor Action, characters may attempt a Beast Mastery roll DC 10 + ½ creature’s level + creature’s WIS modifier to convince such a creature to not flee in the face of danger, or take a […]


Athletics (Str) The Athletics skill represents feats of physical strength such as climbing, swimming, and power lifting. Special rules apply to these actions:   Climb Climbing is the act of traversing near vertical or vertical surfaces as a Move Action.   Some creatures have a Climb speed, which means that they can climb a normal […]


Acrobatics (Dex) The acrobatics skill represents feats of agility and flexibility including but not limited to keeping one’s balance, jump, roll, flip and contort one’s body. Certain types of terrain and hazards require Acrobatics checks to traverse while the use of acrobatics checks can help a user move more easily.   There are several specialized […]