Category: Combatant Feats

Elusive Target

Elusive Target [Combatant]   You juke, duck and sidestep out of the way of incoming attacks rather than try to deflect or absorb.   Benefit: While in Leather or lighter armor and not flatfooted, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC.   At 9th level, this increases to +2   At 18th level, this […]

Careful Aim

Careful Aim [Combatant]   You take your time to make sure your attack hit home.   Benefit: You may spend a Move Action to take aim at a target. If you do, add the highest of your INT or WIS modifier to your next ranged attack roll.

Bastard Grip

Bastard Grip [Combatant]   While a properly balanced weapon is ideal, unusual balance can be adjusted to with training.   Benefit: Choose a two-handed weapon type (example: greatsword). That type of weapon is considered a one-handed weapon for you.